Welcome to Vowdoo (formerly known as BrideZter)

Ever since he proposed (congratulations, by the way!!!), you’ve probably purchased every single wedding magazine available, TiVo’d episodes of Platinum Weddings, and spent mornings at your office desk reading up on the latest and awww-inducing wedding trends—with your thumb and pinky permanently fixed on “Alt + Tab” (just in case the coworkers walk by).  Or maybe you’re the boss and you get to do this blatantly!  Well ladies, I say you only experience this once (hopefully!), so let’s embrace it, luxuriate in it, but let’s do so efficiently.

This is where I come in (wasn’t that intro just grand?).  I am here to make sure you have more time to get out from underneath the magazines and blogs, and begin to enjoy planning the rest of your wedding.

I’m Natalie, Vowdoo’s “wedding curator”, and I absolutely LOOOOVE weddings. At the risk of sounding like a loser (which I assure you, I am absolutely not) or that I have no life (I do, and it’s quite fabulous),  I am obsessed with planning weddings—from my own wedding last year to my girlfriends’ (and I mean all my girlfriends). I was the woman everyone wanted to have as their maid of honor (and quite frankly, if they had asked me, I probably would have said yes to all of them). I could have stayed engaged, planning my wedding for the rest of my life. Really. But then hubby was just too damn irresistible 😉

And so as curator, I will read, re-read, and dissect the most magnificent wedding blog posts and news stories each and every day, and share the fruits of my “work” with all of you.

So welcome to Vowdoo and our wedding blog of all wedding blogs. Allow me to help you plan your special day.

P.S. The Vowdoo web app is currently under development as we chitchat here, so if you have fantastic ideas to share about things that would make planning your wedding easier —and I’m pretty sure you do—feel free to share the love.


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