Picture Perfect

I chanced upon these amazing photos on 100 Layer Cake this week, and I literally had goosebumps. Loved, loved, loved the Sweet Monday photos of the bride, her bridesmaids, and her dress (that Monique Lhuillier frock—the Eugenie is what it’s called, I believe—sent shivers down my spine). This just goes to show the true power of photography. Ladies, if you’re ever gonna do some penny-pinching on your wedding, it better not be on the photography! You spent $10,000 on your dress, might as well have that immortalized.

Love Monique Lhuilliers Eugenie dress!

Love Monique Lhuillier's Eugenie dress!

That said, picking the right photographer should be your numero uno concern. 100 Layer Cake (do I like this blog, or what?) also featured works of Cassidy DuHon which I also adored. The sepia photography was blissfully haunting. And those snapshots of the table cards and cakes. And the little boy. And the dancing. Yum! It’s photojournalism at its best, honey, which is really the way to go with weddings. You don’t want staid, posing, say-cheese pics. You want to capture the moment, the amore. The more you are unaware of the photographer’s presence, the better.

Photo by Cassidy DuHon

Photo by Cassidy DuHon

Style Me Pretty also had a similar post on wonderful wedding photography. Goosebumps again. The featured photographer, Belathee, creates fashion editorials out of weddings. Seriously. They’ve got C-O-N-C-E-P-T. Over at Vintage Glam Weddings Katherine O’Brien wowed me with retro-cool photos (and the lovely couple did add to the quirkiness, too—loved that groom’s moustache!). At Trendsetting Wedding, I saw some talented photogs, too—from the incredibly vibrant shots of Birdsong Photography and Misha Media to the vintage, rustic vibe of Anne Pearson and Kari Crowe.

Photo by Katherine O' Brien

Photo by Katherine O' Brien

I’m pretty sure there are more fabulous photographers out there. So whether you and your guy fancy old school or new school photography, you’ve got to look for the perfect photog. Give it your best shot.

Photographs by Belathee

Photographs by Belathee


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