Recessionista Rules

My previous post on DIY invitations got me thinking about the budding recessionista—the fashionista living in these trying economic times—in all of us. It’s a really good thing to be able to work out the wedding of your dreams…within your very realistic budget.

DIY Bride, who creates crafty brides out of all us (yes even the not so crafty types like moi), posted Darcy Miller’s 10 Fantastic Ways To Trim Your Budget. I liked the idea of having a signature drink—and name it after you and your man—as opposed to a full bar which may cause a real dent on the wallet. Darcy is Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings, and you’d find similar fab ideas on their site. Don’t we just love Martha?

DIY Tin Cans by 100 Layer Cake

DIY Tin Cans by 100 Layer Cake

DIY is always a surefire way to cut back on costs, and there are many items on your wedding list that you can turn into do-it-yourself projects. Immersing yourself in these projects may even turn therapeutic and take the edge off the planning—unless, of course, you’re the anti-arts and crafts type. As for the budding Marthas, check out 100 Layer Cake and Bridal Cheek for their fabuloso ideas for table numbers.

Bridal Cheek's DIY table numbers

Bridal Cheek's DIY table numbers

The Broke-Ass Bride takes it a little further with her ingenious new concept/project, the Brideshare—“where sharing and saving make a perfect marriage.” What it essentially means is: You get to team up with another bride, say on table centerpieces, and split the costs. Don’t you just love the spirit of this community?!

Speaking of… I loved the spirited discussion of this community about the whole budget thing. East Side Bride and A Practical Wedding had plenty to say about the subject of wedding budgets—high or low. Go to their pages to see what they have to say. And I must say: I totally and a million percent agree!


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