It’s all in the details

The absolutely great thing about blogging about wedding blogs is you see all these fantastic ideas that just make weddings these days so much more exciting. And the absolutely worst thing about it? Realizing that you didn’t get to do these clever things for your wedding! Argh. So my dearest brides, do me a favor, and try these ideas for your wedding. It would make me feel a lot better.

So here’s one idea I wish I had thought about: grid painting guestbook. Bridal Cheek wrote about this superbly original couple who asked their guests to paint on each square on a canvas, ultimately creating a patchwork of mementos. And now they have the “guestbook” hanging on their wall, as opposed to it just gathering dust in some cabinet.


Memorable art

Memorable art

Over at Bridal Buzz, I found these song request cards from Elizabeth Anne Designs — whose blog, by the way, you should also check out for other great ideas—that can make your reception a lot more organized and super hip.

Elizabeth Anne Designs' song request cards

Elizabeth Anne Designs' song request cards

And here’s an artsy, quirky, fabulous gift idea for the soon-to-be-married couple. Blush Events wrote about Mark Weber’s custom comic strips. Imagine having your story—well not your whole couple story, maybe just the proposal or how you met—in a real-life comic strip. Can you say cool?! (I think now I know what I’ll ask the hubby for on our first anniversary.)

Mark Weber's Custom Comics

Mark Weber's Custom Comics

On Kiss the Groom, they did a feature on this couple’s wedding. Kristen and Todd’s wedding had so many inspired ideas—from the theme (which was something of a Midsummer Night’s Dream) and location down to the bride’s stunning headpiece and the clever “Toss Me” table. Check out the page for the whole story and wonderful images.


Kristen and Tod's wedding

Kristen and Tod's wedding

I have seen A LOT of other brilliant ideas that make me want to get married again (to the same man, of course), and this topic is far from being closed for discussion! There’s sooo much more to share. And that’s what this blog is for: I will do the “research” for you…willingly and happily.


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