Green Weddings

I remember attending one wedding many years ago where the couple gave away miniature versions of house plants. Yes, they were live plants in tiny pots, and we were instructed to take care of them–plant them in the garden or move to a bigger pot when it starts growing. (Of course, mine barely survived its first week in my no-sunshine, no-water one-bedroom city apartment.)

The plant was supposed to symbolize “the love” between the couple, and I never admitted that “their love” didn’t stand a chance in my world. A lot of the guests found the wedding token “cute”, some found it “weird”, and a lot, like me, didn’t really know what to do with it. But little did I know that this was to be my very first “green” wedding.

These days, a green wedding has become a very popular theme for weddings. But they’re really not just themes, these brides and grooms have embraced the eco-friendly lifestyle. And I love how in each green wedding you attend, you get a brilliant idea on how else you can “greenify” your life. I’ve learned tons of green tips from these eco-chic brides.

Eco-friendly wedding blogs are also becoming more and more popular. One of my favorites is Earth Friendly Weddings, who, by the way, did a really cute feature on eco-chic boutonnieres. They were cute as a…well, boutonniere.

Eco-friendly Boutonnieres

Eco-friendly Boutonnieres

And how about these “green” knickers I found on Ethical Weddings? Aren’t they cute? Note that it has “something blue”, it is “something new” and “something old”, too (bow is made from reclaimed rags). But no, it’s not “something borrowed.” (Eew.) But it does have a very cute jewelry clasp for you to attach something borrowed. Clever, huh?


green underwear from GreenKnickers

You can also check out the other eco-friendly underwear on Ethical Weddings, including some from fashion designer and PETA advocate Stella McCartney, Eco-boudoir and Luva Huva.

Luva Huva's eco-chic underwear

Luva Huva's eco-chic underwear

I’m still shopping for more unique, eco-friendly wedding stuff…so stay tuned!


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