Green Weddings 2

When I said I’d go shopping for more green stuff, I didn’t expect to find a lot of really clever, unique and gorgeous ideas that are also (and most importantly) guilt-free. How fabulous is that? Green is definitely in.

Take, for example, these eco-friendly wedding rings I found on Great Green Wedding. How is that possible? Well, you’ll find out when you read the post, but for sure, you’re going to have to say buh-bye to your Tiffany & Co. dream. The site also has eco-friendly wedding flowers, invitations and favors. You have to check out the entire site.

Of course, DIY is also an easy (well, not so easy) way to do a really Mother Earth-friendly wedding. For these, you’ll get so many nifty ideas from iDIY, DIY Bride, and A Practical Wedding.

For those who want to go the DIY route, take note that the DIY Bride is doing DIY Bride Workshops. Read about it here–and start marking your calendars.

Green Wedding Shoes also did a story on the new issue of the wedding e-zine, Utterly Engaged (which is fabuloso, by the way), who did a whole issue on eco weddings. Check out the organic cakes, the tips for the crafty brides, and the amazing eco-chic wedding gowns.


Gowns by Sarah Seven and Morgan Boszilkov

Gowns by Sarah Seven and Morgan Boszilkov

If you want to get the whole deal on planning and executing a totally fab and totally green wedding, you may also want to turn to Emily Anderson of Eco-Chic Weddings. She wrote the book Eco-Chic Wedding in 2006 and she used to work for Martha Stewart (bet Emily learned a lot of DIY magic from her). Emily has a lot of creative and really pretty ideas. She will also refer you to other great reference materials: books, sites, etc. And by the way, Emily is releasing a new book, too. Read the full story here.

Lastly, Earth Friendly Weddings also shares an extensive green wedding directory here.

These wedding blogs have defnitely made our lives a lot easier…and absolutely greener!


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