More New Finds

I’m always excited to find new (well, not so new, but new to moi–I know, it’s embarrassing ) wedding blogs. Here are a couple more I found one lazy Sunday morning, and I thought I’d share them with you.

The Wedding Cabaret is one new, fabulous find. I found this post on the site. COOL wedding photography. Love the concept and the angles…and everything. There’s something about “off photo cropping” that I personally like.



Cool Bethany and David wedding photos from The Wedding Cabaret

Oh, and you’d also enjoy their Muse Boards. I’m sure I’ll be shopping around the Cabaret again.

Well, how about we go English?

Check out Sugar Blossom Weddings. It’s very spare and clean in design, and you’ll get some interesting tidbits on the latest wedding trends. Check out their Top 10 Wedding Trends here.

I love this blog’s name: The Cinderella Project. And when I checked it out, the more I fell in love! Very, very chic! I absolutely love Cinderella’s post on finding THE perfect bridal gown–we all know how tricky that is. But you’ll love these one-shouldered beauties that “Cinderella” found. I’ll be checking out this site more often, for sure.

Beautiful gown from The Cinderella Project

Beautiful gown from The Cinderella Project

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new wedding blogs. So if you know of one OR if you keep one, do me a favor and keep me in the loop, okay?


One response to “More New Finds

  1. These are gorgeous, and a fun website. If you want to see my top 2010 pix for the one-shouldered “Michelle Obama” look, check out my recent wedding dress article :
    Fun to window shop, isn’t it?

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