Pretty + Ridiculous

Okay, so did you stay glued to June Bug like I did whole day yesterday? Check out the site for all the DETAILS on The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever by Mindy Weiss. June Bug was the official and exclusive blogger of the event, which happened yesterday. And needless to say, June Bug has a LOT of photos and insider info…check it out!

Well, on to other ridiculously pretty sightings…

The Ritzy Bee Blog has been posting some really cute stuff lately–all of them kid-inspired. These posts almost made me want me to go back to my childhood. (Well, not really.) Check out these fun items and these fun sketches. (And note my total abuse of the word FUN. Lol.) The first pic would actually really look cute in the kid’s room or nursery.


"Childish chic" illustrations

"Childish chic" illustrations

And how about this pink-hued gown posted on Green Wedding Shoes? Reminded me a bit of Gwen Stefani’s own pink-colored Dior wedding gown which was absolutely breathtaking AND modern/edgy at the same time. (And way more pink than this.) Only Gwen can pull off stuff like that!

Anyway, here’s Green Wedding Shoes’ much softer version:

The pink wedding dress in the Green Wedding (Shoes) blog

The pink wedding dress in the Green Wedding (Shoes) blog

Well, this one looked ridiculously fun: Check out the candy bar on this real wedding I saw on The Wedding Chicks.



BUT (and this is the really fun part), there was a lot of booze too…

Wedding beer on The Wedding Chicks

Wedding beer on The Wedding Chicks

Notice how this wedding–and this whole post of mine, actually–shows how you can merge childhood and adulthood? How you can claim to be an adult but still enjoy all the kiddie stuff? Now that is pretty ridiculous! But hey, that’s what makes it all the more fun and exciting, right?


One response to “Pretty + Ridiculous

  1. Thanks for showing the images from my wedding (the candy bar ;p). It was indeed fun and I hadn’t thought of it being such a good adult/kiddie blend! Thanks!

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